1st Hole in 1

1st Hole in 1 at Northern Pines was LARRY LIND on hole #3 in 2003. It was with a 9 iron and witnessed by Terry Welty. Larry has had 4 holes in 1 in his lifetime.

ANDY FRANK hole 3, 121 yards, gap wedge. June 19, 2005.

DWIGHT JOHNSON aced 121 yard hole 3 September 10 using a pitching wedge.

KEVIN CLOUTIER, Duluth, June 29, 2012, Pitching Wedge. Witness: Bob Kilsdonk.

KAREN HELENIUS, July 2012, hole #1, 5 iron, Bridgestone ball, slight south wind.


Allan Reedy

July 21, 2014, aced Hole #3
with an 8 Iron.


Dave Brinker

South Range, June 30, 2012, 8 iron. Witness: cousin Mike Brinker, Lake Nebagamon.


Roger Bare

Superior, hole 3, June 22, 2012, 6 iron. Witnesses: wife Maggie and Bill "Smokey" and Katherine Anderson from Brule.


Chad Matke

On 12 June 2008 at Northern Pines golf course Chad scored his first hole in one on hole # 3 Par 3 121 yrds with a pitching wedge while playing league with his partner George Goetch and opponents Larry and Andy Lind. Chad said it was a one hopper right into the hole



Barb was ecstatic after her many years of golfing to finally achieve the golfers ultimate quest a hole in one. The event was witness by Barbs good friend and golfing partner Dee Ginthner


Randy Hakkila

Randy Hakkila scored his first hole in one and registered the first ace on hole # 1. It happen Saturday 19 May 2007 : 161 yards Par 3 using his trusty 7 Iron, and his lucky Bayfield electric logo ball. This historic event was witnessed by his golfing partners Brooke Satona, Cindy Satona, Steve Arseneau, and Ron Maki.


Lindsay Payne

Lindsay got a hole in one on August 2, 2005 when I was 15. I used a 7 iron and the hole was 121 yards. Her Grandma witnessed it.


Bill Kangas

Bill (Windsor Willy) is a double member of trhe Hole in One Club, having 2 holes in one on hole 3


Dan Olson

Hole in one on #3 using a 6 iron
Witness by Dana Olson
May 7th, 2017


Dana Olson

Hole in one... 6/1/2018
5 Wood on Hole 3